Meet KodifyIT.

Mike Reynolds

We’re revolutionising the pre-tendering process in the world of Project Management. We understand that the success of any project hinges on the quality and precision of its specifications. That’s why we provide a unique service that assists companies in crafting comprehensive, accurate, and high-quality project specifications before going to tender. With our help, businesses can avoid costly mistakes, unnecessary delays, and miscommunications, ensuring that projects are done right the first time. Let KodifyIT empower your company to make informed decisions, streamline your tendering process, and maximise your project’s potential for success.

KodifyIT has more than 40 years of experience in the Engineering and Process Industries. This includes over 25 years of working in the fields of Information Technology, Software Development, and Project Management. This has given us an understanding of effective management practices for both projects and people.

Our skills in Information Technology enable us to develop and support custom software applications that meet clients’ needs.

Too often, Software Projects are delivered that fail to meet expectations. The reasons can be various, but a common theme is that the initial specifications were unclear or ambiguous.

Our aim is to prevent these common failures, ensuring each project is a success.

What do we do, and why do we do it?

Put simply, we want your project to be successful. Over the years, we have witnessed firsthand the problems associated with delivering accurate and satisfactory software projects. Many of these projects could be labelled as failed projects, not because the software does not function but because the software does not function in the way the client expected.

Classifying a failure can range from the worst-case scenario of the software not being completed and delivered to more common issues experienced by businesses, such as the delivered application failing to meet the client’s expectations.

KodifyIT can help you avoid costly and frustrating Project and Project Management failures by implementing a simple requirements-gathering process before any specifications are tendered. This process ensures that all stakeholders are consulted and that all requirements are properly understood and documented.

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Once a tender has been accepted, we can manage the project for the client in collaboration with key users and managers or as an outsourced Project Manager. As we are considered a key stakeholder for the duration of the project, we are well-positioned to monitor progress and, more importantly, alert the team if the project appears to be going off-track.

The Importance of Specifications

Software companies will build exactly what you ask them to build within the limitations of technology. The key word here is exactly. That is, as specified in the supplied documentation.

If the specification of requirements is lacking in detail or not specific enough, then the delivered software will not be all that the client expected. In a worst-case scenario, this could be termed a failed project.

Apart from Project Management, one of our primary services is ‘Requirements Analysis’, with several secondary services related to this primary, such as Technical Documentation, Translation of Documentation to English, and Proofreading or Editing of English Documentation.

These secondary services may have a major impact on Project Management and Requirements Analysis in particular, as most, if not all, Specifications and related Documentation are normally in English.