Technical Documentation Documentation is a comprehensive collection of written material that describes the design, development, and maintenance of software projects. This documentation is vital for the successful completion of any software project.

It provides the necessary information and guidance that is required by the developers, testers, and other stakeholders involved in the project.

KodifyIT will assist with or create in partnership with the client, the generation of these documents:

  • The Functional Specifications Document outlines the functions and features of a product or service. It describes how the product or service should work and what it should do.
  • The System Requirements Document, which outlines the specific requirements for the system.
  • The Quality Assurance Plan outlines the steps that need to be taken to ensure that a product or service meets the standards set by the company. It includes details about how the product or service will be tested, monitored, and evaluated to make sure it meets the company’s requirements.
  • The User Guide, which provides an overview of the system and how to use it.

KodifyIT will advise in partnership with the client, the creation of these documents:

  • The Software Design Document, which describes how the system will be designed and developed.
  • The Software Test Plan, which outlines the test cases and other testing information.
  • The Project Plan outlines the steps and timeline for completing a project. It includes details such as tasks, deadlines, resources, and budget.
  • The Release Notes may also be included, depending on the project and its needs. This Technical Documentation is essential for ensuring that the software project is a success and is completed according to the desired specifications.