Apple’s Vision Pro: A Game-Changer in Waiting?

The Search for the Killer App

The Vision Pro is a proof of concept, a first iteration, or perhaps an experimental device in the eyes of Apple. Its purpose is to refine the use cases, the OS, and the underlying technologies.

I heard somebody call it a Developer Kit on a recent Wired Gadget Lab podcast. I tend to agree that it’s nothing more than just that, a Developer Kit.

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The image illustrates a person in a modern office setting, engaging with a futuristic augmented reality headset and interacting with various digital interfaces. This visual could effectively represent the advanced work environment possibilities that the Apple Vision Pro could facilitate.
A Game Changer Source DALL E 3

The internet is full of articles, posts, and blogs on whether the Apple Vision Pro will succeed. I don’t think Apple cares much about what the various commentators may or may not believe.

The price and the limited availability indicate this attitude from the world’s largest and richest tech company. Your average Joe or Josephine is certainly not the target customer for this device.

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Pointless Comparisonitis

The comparisons to other companies’ headsets are rather pointless as these are, by and large, targeted at the entertainment market.


Apple’s VisionPro Could Be Wonderful or Maybe Not

The Vision Pro, on the other hand, seems to be searching for more meaningful use cases. For example, the launch event showcased several, such as watching a movie or a spatial video of a child’s birthday.

But, the extended work environment’s demo (simulation?) was the most interesting for me.

Apple Keynote Vision Pro at Work
Apple Keynote Vision Pro at Work

In June 2023, I wrote an article lamenting the polarised and sometimes ridiculous comments that deluged the internet tech scene after the Apple launch event.

People who should have known better seemed to jump on the bandwagon with clickbait headlines designed to pull in readers rather than write intelligent commentary on the possibilities.

We occasionally see a meaningful piece, but these are few and far between. I like this post even though I don’t entirely agree with everything written. The title is a bit clickbaity as well, but then, so is the title of this article. It’s hard to avoid; the term “Vision Pro” in the title is the problem.😏

Why the Apple Vision Pro is Destined to Fail

What are the Killer Apps, then?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been sitting back and absorbing the coverage of the Vision Pro release, oddly timed to upstage this year’s CES event in Las Vegas. While the upstaging failed, the same commentators with the same clickbait article titles quickly appeared. Yawn. In my June article, I wrote:

What we have to understand is that this is a first-generation device and, as such, is on the expensive side. Even with the high price tag, I doubt Apple will profit much from unit sales. Certainly not enough to cover research and development costs over the last few years.

As with other first-generation devices, it is pitched for possible uses envisioned by Apple, which will almost inevitably be missing the key or killer application.

After all, when the iPad was released, it was pitched as an internet device and an E-reader. Today, streaming video consumption is one of the top uses for the iPad, but Steve Jobs never mentioned this at the time of its release.

Nothing has changed in the intervening eight months. Apple may have some of the best marketing talent available, but even they are limited in what they can imagine for possible use cases.

By getting the device out in the real world and at a price that should help to ensure helpful user feedback, Apple is watching, listening, and analysing. The innovative device is cool, but what are the killer spatial computing apps?

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Let’s Get Real

Let’s be honest: if you can afford to spend a large chunk of cash on what is, after all, an experimental device, you are going to do a lot more with it than watch your daughter’s birthday video or relax on the Sofa watching the latest interactive Fast and Furious movie.

This is a significant investment, and most people don’t throw this amount of money around for a gadget.

An initial production run of eighty thousand units is now available or already delivered to customers. The grand experiment has begun.

Apple employs thousands of people, but they have just expanded their spatial computing ideas factory by eighty thousand. Best of all, they all paid Apple to join in. Now, that is smart business.

I would expect that the flood of questions and ideas has already started. Everything from observation on the device itself (it’s pretty heavy apparently, although the dual headset band helps) to suggestions for improvement and the essential use case ideas.

I hope the extended work environment becomes a reality with the next Vision iteration. Vision Pro 2 and, perhaps, eventually, a Vision SE device.

Final Thoughts

These are exciting times for those of us entrenched within the Apple ecosystem. I hope it fulfils its potential and doesn’t end up as one of Apple’s rare failures. That would be a shame.

Apple has deep pockets, but there are limits. I wonder what the scenarios are where they, Apple, decide to either proceed to the next version or call it quits.

Time will tell.

Before You Go

Let me know your thoughts on the Vision Pro, post a comment and share your thoughts. For those of us already invested in Apple devices, Vision Pro and, hopefully, the following devices are editing, potentially.

But what about those of you who don’t own any Apple devices? If the Vision Pro does become a significant new way of interacting with the world, would it tempt you?

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